International Slam Poetry Day April 29th

Today, almost everyone has already heard about Slam Poetry. Today, Slam Poetry has a story, a lire and a place in our hearts and souls. Today, millions of persons around the world, heroes , verb and word’s lovers live with one desire, to rebuild the world with the power of words and make live this art  » The slam poetry , king of the oratorical arts ».
Today, Slam-Poetry has become a dream that we will have to realize together and today we have a International Slam Poetry Day. April 29th.

For three years now it has been launched, with the primary goal of celebrating Slam-Poetry in various ways all over the world as an art in its own right; this day should be an opportunity for all of us, slam-poet or not, to give some breath to this poetic discipline.
So friends of the world, organize shows, meetings, workshops, listen to slam on the radio, on TV or on your smartphone, discuss slam, manifest slam, shout slam-poetry… In short, do whatever you want or you can make this day of slam magical wherever you are on earth or in the sky.
And because nothing is missing in the world apart from a little love and a little love, understand why for us Slam Is love.
Send us your creations, we will be happy to broadcast them throughout the month of April.

Let’s organise …

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